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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Adults, Children 7+

Lessons are tailored to your individual learning style, taking into account your current learning, and your strengths and challenges. With my guidance you will learn how to properly sight read music, how to practise effectively and how to perform consistently. We can study a range of different styles to suit your tastes and if you require qualifications, there are a range of exam boards that cater to classical, jazz, rock and popular music.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Adults, Children 7+

There are three types of guitar you can choose to play: Electric, Classical and Acoustic. We recommend (although not essential) that all beginners start on classical (nylon strung) guitar as it is softer on the fingers and can prepare your hands for guitar playing. You will learn correct guitar technique and develop effective smooth chord changes.  Rhythm and coordination is an important facet of guitar playing and is included along with a firm grasp of fretboard knowledge. You can choose various styles from Rock, blues, pop, metal and classical and you can take exams and gain accredited qualifications in these styles if desired.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Tenor, Alto Sax
Adults, Children 7+

Often thought of as a brass instrument, the saxophone is actually from the woodwind family with a brass body. We will go through how to set up and maintain your instrument and then how to establish and maintain your embourchure. We can study various styles although the main styles tend to be classical, jazz, blues, funk and soul. We can focus on gaining qualifications from a variety of exam boards or we can focus on achieving your personal goals.

Beginner, Intermediate
Adults, Children 7+

Catering to both accompaniment ukulele and solo ukulele styles, we will cover rhythm, coordination and various strum patterns for song accompaniments. Develop your fingerpicking and flatpicking technique for solo ukulele, similar to the acoustic style of guitar playing. Learn how to read music and lead sheets to quickly multiply your repertoire.


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2 hour minimum slot

You can hire a room for rehearsal or teaching. Internet access and electric sockets available for use. Perfect for teaching one to one, or rehearsal for solo/duos.

For current students only

Experience a friendly, relaxed recording session. We can record all instruments we currently teach, so have a go at recording your exam pieces or your own composition to share with your friends or family.

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